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Just before she boarded a plane for Belgium, they kissed. “We didn’t see each other for a month, but we talked every day.

Once I was back in the city, we were inseparable.”The two talked about getting married all the time, and after a year and a half of dating, Az asked.

“I wasn’t going to wear one initially, but my younger sister Nastasia convinced me to—she told me it would be so stupid not to,” remembers Valentina.

“I went by myself to buy one two days before the ceremony.

“On our first anniversary, we plan on having a larger, religious ceremony in the Hamptons with the rabbi who I grew up with.”After the ceremony, the reception started at p.m. The newlyweds received their guests with Champagne, wine, and special mezcal and tequila mixed drinks.

For dinner, appetizers, pastas, mains, and sides were delivered family-style to tables without assigned seating. Farro salad; fava greens; sweet pea, pecorino, and pistachio white asparagus; hazelnuts, farm egg, and Parmigiano fonduta; Belgian endive salad, and foie gras torchon were among the appetizers.

They wanted to do something super-low-key and easy, and quickly settled on Charlie Bird in Soho for the venue.

“In my opinion, it’s the best restaurant in New York City,” says Valentina.

No up-do.”Az also wore a hand-me-down of sorts: Last year, his dad, Lyor Cohen, married girlfriend Xin Li in Sag Harbor.

“We had been trying to make more room for him in my apartment, so one day we made our first major house-cleaning trip to my newly acquired storage unit.

We had made plans to go get food at one of our favorite restaurants, Jeffrey’s Grocery, afterward.

“She gave it to me a while back, but it was so beautiful and wedding-like that I never found an occasion to wear it.

About a year ago, I actually sent a picture of myself trying it on to Az, saying that I would wear it at our wedding; even though at the time I had no idea any of this was going to happen.”Her veil was from Glamour Closet.

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“Lyor, Az’s father, handled the reception event, and Amy, Az’s mother, helped with the overall planning and the flowers.

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  1. I dated one guy where one of us would call the other one on the phone or cell everyday. I only get one call from him a week to let me know what we are doing for the weekend and what time he is picking me up. Personally, I would like for him to call me more often.