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3) Use Item (Choose 1) Kiki: I - I - I - We did.... 1) I'm totally messing with you 2) Use Item (Choose 1) Kiki: Oh my god Becky, why are you always doing that to me!? By the time I'm done, they'll rename this mountain after me. 3) Use Item (Choose 1) *You have received the Golden Line for Becky* Kiki: You think?! 4) Use item (Choose 3) Erica: On the plane or at the airport. And that's not even counting any enemies you might make along the way.

-Finished "Ex-Boyfriend roadblock" of Becky's Story. -A 7KB increase lol Version .91 01/27/05 -Dumble Dee. -Redid layout Version .50 01/17/05 Ahh.hands are killing me from typing so much, I am trying to include every little detail.

There are multiple ways to beat this game also but I listed the options so you will get all the items, art, and golden lines.

=============================================================================== WALKTHROUGH =============================================================================== -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- BECKY'S STORY -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ------------- | The Arrival | ------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- | Description: You arrive at Snow Bird Moutain with your best friends- Brett, | | Erica, and Kiki.

and why we're gonna conquer this mountain together.

1) You aren't actually capable of thinking before speaking, are you?

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