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However, there are several more topics that will round out your knowledge of SAX.

While I’ve called this chapter “Advanced SAX,” don’t be intimidated.

Additional documentation on features and properties supported by your vendor’s XML parser should also be available.

These URIs are similar to namespace URIs; they are only used as for particular features.

Finally, I’ll introduce some new handlers to you, the , and show you how they are used.Because validation is turned on, you should get an ugly stack trace reporting the error.Of course, because that’s all that our error handler methods do, this is precisely what we want: java javaxml2. JTree Error Handler.error(SAXTree Remember, turning validation on or off does not affect DTD processing; I talked about this in the last chapter, and wanted to remind you of this subtle fact.However, for those power users out there working in XML day in and day out, this chapter covers some of the finer points of SAX that you’ll need.I’ll start with a look at setting parser properties and features, and discuss configuring your parser to do whatever you need it to.

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For example, if you want to turn on validation in the parsing example from the last chapter (remember the Swing viewer?

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