Ramayan dating

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Ramayan dating

She is one of the lead attorneys for the biggest car company in India (based on statistics, Tata Motors), having planned an internship at a large Indian car company in 2005 when she was finishing her law degree.She goes to Toronto for a corporate merger and later helps set up a secondary derivatives market which would allow overseas car firms to hedge their investments against potential advancements in battery technology. In "The Irish Pub Formulation", Priya is passing through California and resumes relations with Leonard, sleeping with him in his apartment that night.After Priya's mother mentions her return to India the following month, Leonard asks Priya when she had planned on telling him.After her parents ask why she's lying about people in her apartment (Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali's Apartment) and Raj being out with friends, Leonard tells her parents about their relationship believing the relationship is doomed anyway. Koothrappali (mother)Rajesh Koothrappali (brother)3 Unnamed brothers Unnamed sister Three unnamed sisters-in-law (via her unnamed brothers)One unnamed brother-in-law (via her unnamed sister)Dalib (grandfather)Venkatesh Koothrappali (cousin) Priya Koothrappali is Raj's younger sister.

In "The Engagement Reaction', Howard asks Priya why she hasn't told her parents about her and Leonard. Later, in the hospital, Penny and Priya bond while discussing Leonard's sexual peculiarities (long foreplay, dancing). Though she often looks annoyed or exasperated, she can be quite funny. At Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake, Howard and Leonard pinky swore not to hit on her; however, Leonard does have sexual relations with Priya. She first appeared in "The Irish Pub Formulation" and serves as the unintentional main antagonist of season 4 in that Penny regards Priya as Leonard's most viable alternative girlfriend.He expresses frustration that she won't tell her parents, but Priya retorts that she'll tell them as soon as one of her brothers or sisters makes a big mistake.Leonard retreats to the bedroom, but listens to the conversation.

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They openly share his quirks with each other much to the discomfort of Leonard.