Mariupol dating agencies

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If it is not your first time we recommend you to rent an apartment in the city centre because everything is around in a walking approach (shops, cafes, restaurants, night clubs etc).

The apartments in the city centre are safe, good quality, and reasonable price (some guys tells us that the minus of the apt – comparing it with the hotel – is that there is no breakfast but the price and location compensate it moreover you can have tasty breakfasts in different places every day; many restaurants have “breakfast menu” with a really good price).

Finally the coastal nature altogether with summer sun is very favorable for meeting new people.

1/ the name of the lady – it is the true name of the lady, we check the lady's passport to be sure in it (some men ask why it is Alena at our web site and Olena in different one – well, it is one name but the first one Alena – it is in Russian, and Olena – in Ukrainian);3/ the age of the lady – yes, it changes automatically by the computer program (ex.This is the first reason why the girl coming to the agency to find her future partner.Also some girls had bad experience before with Ukrainian guys and they are looking for foreigners hoping that it will be different.Why Ukrainian girls want to get married the foreigner?If the girl is registered in the marriage agency it does not mean that she wants to meet only a foreign guy and come abroad.

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We cannot check this information but from the other side we had never have a situation when the lady wrote wrong information about it; 14/ description of children – normally the lady writes the name of a child (or just son/daughter – if she does not want to write the name) and the age (the age of the child does not change automatically and it is written the age of a child when the lady was registered with us, so this info can be out of date though we are trying to keep it updated);16/ partner's age – the lady writes approximately the age of the man she wants to meet as 90% of the ladies do not care much about the age (if they write that they are looking up to 45 years old and you are 50 – you still have a chance to try and lady's interest will depend on many things and age is not the principle one (normally).