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star was dating former LA Laker Rick Fox (you know, Vanessa Williams' ex) after the two were spotted together a couple of times in the past month, and Eliza confirmed the news in a recent interview with also revealed, "[Rick] has been very nice.There's definitely an age difference and they aren't the first two people I would put together.

The show focuses on what happens when Echo begins resisting the constant mind wipes and starts to develop self-awareness. Whedon has gone on record saying he felt the network never supported that beloved cult series, which was aired out of order and cancelled after only 11 episodes were shown.Often with many cases exclusivity can have an effect.If a cast member is a regular, then that show has them somewhat "locked down," and they have to stay at the cost of other projects.However, if they're merely a "guest star," that can often give them the freedom to work on other projects if they want to.Occasionally, you even see a "Special Guest Star" credit on a .

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  1. Bell, reprising the role of Troy) to keep the connection going. We’re also intrigued by Sigourney Weaver’s casting as someone who is “very smart” and “very in charge.” Perhaps villainy is in her future?