Idols matt giraud dodges dating question

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Idols matt giraud dodges dating question

On the flip side, in Georgia, I saw many grateful people who unfortunately were, at times, treated no better than livestock (or people in a refugee camp - remembering these are fellow US citizens) in their efforts to get their lives back in order.We forget that what people need most during these trying times is a hug, someone to listen, patience and understanding (and some dry underwear-basics). They just might not have the means to evacuate and then rebuilld their live as we think we might have. I hope when they rebuild, they rebuild to a new standard, one that will do better in withstanding this type of disaster.Case-in-point, in 2001 Tropical Storm Allison left parts of the city of Houston, including the critical medical district, entirely submerged. It's amazing how little coverage this is getting in the media.The waters accumulated as high as 30 feet in some cases around Interstate 10, greatly limiting outside assistance. I guess texans would rather have their pride kill off those stupid enough not to evacuate than ask the country for some help.Especially you think man made global warming causes hurricanes, then please tell me why they have been happening on this planet for millions of years.We in the Houston/Galveston area have been blessed that it has been over 20 years since our last big storm, and I pray that it doesn't happen again for another 20 . I wonder if December 12th 2012 there will be a world disaster as the planets are going to all line up and cause MAJOR dissasters around the globe.

(We may be a poor state; but we helpout /& Volunteer more than any of the rich hollywood types who fly around in Jets. @gk (#38): You're right, it isn't, and the "fishbowl effect" as they call it is arguably New Orleans' greatest challenge as it pertains to removing floodwater.Undoubtedly, some aid was given from the government, but most understood that if you really wanted to fix the mess, you were going to have to do it yourself. As a professional who has been a proud resident of Louisiana and New Orleans for almost fifteen years, I just want to let the rest of the world know that New Orleanians are always ready to assist anyone in need and feel nothing but empathy and compassion for survivors of Ike.We got to work, avoided the media fiasco and focus, and got the city back on its feet in short order. After deadling with Hurricane Gustav, we opened our arms to Ike evacuees and assistance has already been extended from groups and individuals from New Orleans.We give from our own mouths,and clothes off our backs to help others in need. We dont vote to abort babies;we vote Gods will-Wow! Houston, on the other hand, while not below sea level, still floods quite easily thanks to the high water table in the area.Also keep in mind that a receding flood can arguably do more harm than good.

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New Orleans is a great place to visit -- the folks there are warm and friendly.