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Wine is central to civilization as we know it in the West.As a medicine, social lubricant, mind-altering substance, and highly valued commodity, wine became the focus of religious cults, pharmacopoeias, cuisines, economies, and society in the ancient Near East.

6,200–4,200 BC (), humans established year-round settlements.

Human exploitation and cultivation of plants was not confined to staple cereals and legumes during the Neolithic.

Fruits, nuts, tubers, herbs, and tree products are well-attested at Neolithic sites throughout the larger region.

Site names: Arukhlo (1), Shulaveris Gora (2), Gadachrili Gora (3), Dangreuli Gora (4), Imeris Gora (5), Khramis Didi-Gora (6), Shomutepe (7), Haci Elamxali Tepe (8), Göytepe (9), Mentesh Tepe (10), Chokh (11), Aratashen (12), Aknashen (13), Masis Blur (14), Areni-1 (15), Kül Tepe (16), Hajji Firuz Tepe (17), Nevali Çori (18), Göbekli Tepe (19), Gudau River (20), Pichori (21), and Anaklia (22). Gadachrili Gora is presently bifurcated by the Shulaveris Ghele, a seasonal tributary of the Khrami River that runs into the Kura, while Shulaveris Gora is roughly 0.5 km from the stream.

GRAPE, Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project Expedition; NMG, National Museum of Georgia; R, river. The climate today is semiarid (steppe), with an annual rainfall of 350–550 mm and an average temperature of approximately 13 °C.

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These cultivars owe their origins to human selection and accidental crosses or introgression between the incoming domesticated vine and native wild vines.

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