Diaper dating

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"My only doubt was if she thought maybe it was too soon," the director said of asking the big question, during which he spent 20 minutes on his knee while Amal stood in shock.

"But there was no doubt that we were the right couple and that we were the right team. Immediately, we felt we were just happy, and we have been happy ever since."Now, George's eyes are on his family's future with hopes that his son and daughter grow up with a sense of humor, compassion and interests with their "lucky" mom and dad at their side. Sometimes in life it doesn't happen on your schedule, but you find the person that you were always supposed to be with.

After schedule changes, she instead went into space on July 4, 2006, as a member of the STS-121 crew assigned to the International Space Station.

She first became interested in the space program when she was six years old, watching the Apollo moon landings.

Nowak followed the Space Shuttle program, particularly the introduction of female astronauts, while she was growing up. Woodward High School in Rockville, Maryland, in 1981, and received her Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the United States Naval Academy in 1985. Nowak received her commission in the United States Navy in 1985.

However, while the breaking news would later shock the world, the mom and dad-to-be were also surprised.

"He goes, 'Well, there's one,'" George recalled to the magazine of their doctor during the ultrasound.

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Soon, the human rights attorney was expecting twins without the help of fertility drugs, George confirmed to the magazine.

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