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Dating management

This is especially true in today’s economic climate, when many homes are still trying to rebound in value from the housing crisis.Assessors assign value to your property in one of three ways.It is the mission of the Student Services area to provide the resources and the service support to insure that Miami-Dade County Public Schools attains its stated goals and fulfills its mission in terms of serving students.We understand the importance of having a partner in the industry so that you can focus on what you do best.The program structure supports educational reform initiatives and takes into consideration current social climate and the unique issues faced by the multicultural/multilinguistic populations enrolled in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

She is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a business management major with emphasis in Human Resources and minor in information systems.

Many times, they aren’t assessed uniformly, so you have a case to be made. This is especially true since the legislature passed a law two years ago that says foreclosed properties have to be given equal weight in that sales comparison model.

Filing the PT50R gives you an extra bite of the apple. Filing your return forces them to really look at it and place a true value on your property.

Using uniformity or the sales cost and comparison is what we always recommend.

Uniformity simply means that your property is assessed evenly or with the same guidelines as those properties around you.

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They use uniformity, a sales comparison including properties around you, and a level of income achieved by your home if it’s a rental property.